Audient ORIA – Immersive Interface & Monitor Controller

audient oria

Audient’s latest release combines a USB audio interface operating at 24-bit/96kHz with an extensive monitor controller, catering specifically to immersive audio applications. Named ORIA, this innovative product offers versatile I/O options, supporting speaker configurations ranging from stereo to 9.1.6. It boasts built-in room and speaker calibration features and, beyond its role as an interface, functions independently as a monitor controller.

Compact and space-efficient, ORIA occupies only 1U of rack space. It features 16 outputs accessible through either TRS (analog line-level) or DB25 (digital AES) connections. Additionally, it includes dedicated stereo outputs, two separate headphone outputs, and Word Clock connectivity. Audient’s acclaimed console preamps enhance the device, complemented by two ADAT inputs. These inputs can expand the device’s capabilities by providing an extra 16 channels to a DAW when used as an interface or by serving as inputs for individual speaker channels when utilized as a standalone monitor controller. For those seeking further expansion, an optional card is available to introduce 16 input channels through Dante.

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The incorporation of a pair of stereo outputs enables users to seamlessly integrate their preferred monitor pairs alongside their immersive setup if desired. ORIA emerges as a versatile and powerful solution for audio professionals, offering a combination of interface functionality and standalone monitor control in a compact form factor.

ORIA & Sonarworks

The onboard DSP of ORIA offers a comprehensive array of room and speaker calibration features, including a per-channel eight-band EQ, delay and trim options, and built-in bass management. To enhance its capabilities, ORIA has partnered with Sonarworks, allowing users to load and run SoundID Reference files directly on the unit.

Each ORIA unit is shipped with a measurement microphone and a 60-day trial for SoundID Reference for Multichannel. The setup process is user-friendly, enabling users to calibrate their room in under an hour. The system allows the storage of up to 32 calibration profiles, ensuring accurate calibration when transitioning between various monitoring formats.

After the trial period concludes, users have the option to purchase a SoundID Reference for Multichannel license from Sonarworks to continue accessing the additional features. Notably, all calibration functions operate on ORIA’s DSP rather than the host computer, resulting in low-latency performance without imposing any load on the CPU. This design choice enhances the efficiency of the system and ensures a seamless user experience.

Remote Control & Dolby Integration

In instances where the Audient ORIA unit is conveniently housed in a rack beyond arm’s reach, Audient has introduced an iPad App to streamline all of ORIA monitor control and calibration features. This application facilitates tasks such as speaker switching, recalling listening levels, and muting/soloing different speaker groups directly from the listening position. Additionally, it provides access to standard functions like overall level adjustment, dimming, and cutting. For professionals working with audio and video synchronization, a Global Lip Sync delay setting is included to align the audio output with the video display.

audient oria software gui

An added benefit is the imminent capability for the system to directly communicate with the standalone Dolby Atmos Renderer application. This feature enables users to seamlessly switch between various downmix options, allowing them to audition their mixes in alternative channel layouts without the need to switch to the Dolby application. This integration enhances the flexibility and convenience of the ORIA system, catering to the diverse needs of audio professionals, particularly those working in Dolby Atmos environments.

Audient ORIA will be available on Audiosteps in the first quarter of 2024, priced at 2885€. The optional Dante card will cost 650€.

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