Black Lion Audio Revolution EXP – ADAT extension

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With the Revolution EXP, Black Lion Audio has released an ADAT extension that provides eight inputs and eight outputs.

The Revolution EXP can be easily integrated into an existing system and provides high-quality conversion. The four digital ADAT interfaces (two in, two out) translate to analogue inputs and outputs, which are designed as balanced jacks. The inputs can be attenuated by 10 dBV to cope with higher signal levels. 

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The integrated Macro MMC clock, which can be used as a master for other digital devices, and the high-quality components from Nichicon, Vishay and Wima are crucial for the high-quality conversion of the signals. Synchronisation with an external clock is also possible. Input and output are designed as BNC sockets. The Revolution EXP supports sample rates up to 192 kHz.

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Recordings and returns from hardware can be fed into the DAW via the eight inputs. The eight outputs enable extended monitoring and summing. In the recording situation, for example, four additional stereo or eight mono headphone mixes can be provided for the musicians. In mixdown, the ADAT module offers an upgrade to immersive monitoring and thus entry into the world of Dolby Atmos and co.

There is an LED meter on the front of the device that displays the level of each channel.

Price & Availability

The Black Lion Audio Revolution EXP is available immediately at an RRP of EUR 1089.

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