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Korg launches two new performance instruments, the MPS-10 and KAOSS Replay. The MPS-10 is a versatile drum, percussion and sampler pad; the KAOSS Replay is a stand-alone performance tool that combines a sampler with an effects system based on the XY pad.


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The MPS-10 promises high durability and ultra-sensitive response. It fulfils the diverse requirements of drummers and percussionists worldwide and, according to Korg, opens up new avenues for creative performances.

The ten pads of the MPS-10, paired with pre-installed sounds, a versatile sampler, four CC pads and a latest-generation 4-track looper, form a fully equipped instrument. The integration of connections for external triggers, footswitches and an expression pedal expands the creative palette.

Whether in the studio or on stage, the MPS-10 combines modern features with easy playability and promises inspiring possibilities in any situation. With a comprehensive collection of over 2,350 instruments (INST pads) and 3,000 high-quality samples, it offers a rich selection of sounds, from dynamic and expressive instruments to essential electronic drum sounds. Sounds such as congas, bongos, a variety of authentic small percussion elements, looped phrases, impact sounds and melodic steel drum sounds are integrated.

The MPS-10 makes it easy to get started with 100 carefully compiled kits, each consisting of ten INST pads. The pre-installed kits enable spontaneous performances and provide inspiration for new grooves. In addition, 100 memory locations are available for your own kit creations.

The sound processing of the MPS-10 allows individual customisation with master reverb, filter, two insert effects and a main effect. The Smooth Sound Transition function allows sounds to fade out when changing kits, while the SOUND OFF button enables instant silence.

The powerful 4-track looper can be used to create rousing drum and percussion loops on the fly. The four newly developed CC pads offer unique control over sounds by precisely detecting the position of the strike. This enables real-time control of effect parameters.

The sampler function allows you to integrate your own samples via USB (WAVE/AIFF 44,1/48 kHz, 16 Bit), which enables completely customised sound design. The large colour display and the coloured LED illumination of the pads ensure optimum legibility under different conditions.

Korg MPS 10 back

In addition to the main stereo output and the headphone socket, the MPS-10 has two additional line outputs (Sub 1/2). Furthermore, up to four external triggers can be connected via two additional jack sockets. There are also connections for two foot switches and an expression pedal, as well as a MIDI output in 5-pin DIN format.

KAOSS Replay

Korg KAOSS Replay top min

Korg’s KAOSS series has made its mark on the music landscape by changing the way live performances are created with its groundbreaking X/Y touchpad and innovative effects. The latest addition, the KAOSS Replay, continues this tradition.

The KAOSS Replay is a stand-alone performance tool that comes with its unique KAOSS pad, sampling and playback as well as DJ functions.

With its advanced sampling and playback features, the KAOSS Replay offers an impressive 128 sample slots for up to 100 projects, allowing for hours of live sets. The robust aluminium housing and comprehensive connection section make it ideal for mobile use.

128 new KAOSS effects have been integrated, including filters, delays, reverbs, modulation effects, loopers, vocoders and vocal effects. The FX Release function ensures seamless transitions, while the PAD MOTION function allows easy automation of the effects.

The built-in microphone input opens up the possibility for spontaneous improvisation and well-planned sets with a variety of creative effects, including pitch tuning. Sounds can be recorded and edited in real time.

The tool features a colour 5” OLED touchscreen for intuitive operation and dedicated function buttons, knobs, faders and sample pads.

The KAOSS Replay is not only a performance tool for live musicians, but also a versatile tool for DJs and music producers thanks to beat matching, playback quantisation, hot cues and monitoring. The MIDI interface mode enables extensive customisation options as a MIDI controller.

The main inputs and outputs are designed as RCA sockets and can be operated either as line or phono. MIDI in/out in DIN format and a USB port are also installed. This USB connection not only transmits MIDI, but also audio, allowing the sampler to be used as a Plug&Play-capable audio interface. Power is also supplied via USB. There is also a 6.3 mm jack socket for foot switch. The microphone input and headphone output are located on the front of the device in the form of a 6.3 mm jack and are both equipped with a volume control.

Price & Availability

Both the MPS-10 and the KAOSS Replay are now available for pre-order at an RRP of EUR 1099 and are expected to be delivered in January 2024.

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