Arturia releases Pigments 5

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Arturia has unveiled the latest iteration of its flagship software synthesizer. Pigments 5 featuring a revamped graphical user interface (GUI) and an array of powerful enhancements. This updated version introduces a new sequencer, improved routing options, enhanced visual feedback, and optimized CPU performance.

Pigments 5 Play mode

Pigments 5 promises an expanded sonic palette with an improved Play view, showcasing new waveform visualizers and enhanced controls. The new sequencer offers pre-defined patterns and a generative algorithm for one-click sequence creation. Additionally, the sequencer section now includes a MIDI output, enabling the triggering of other instruments.

Pigments 5 sequencer

Routing capabilities have been refined, with the AUX FX send now providing the option to be positioned before or after the instrument’s insert effects. This flexibility allows for the routing of processed audio into the integrated spatial effects. A new side-chain input facilitates the routing of audio tracks through Pigments, enabling processing by its Utility engine. The implementation of multi-core processing reduces the strain on the host computer’s CPU resources.

Pigments 5 FX

Arturia has expanded the factory preset library, incorporating an additional 100 presets, new wavetables, and samples, bringing the total built-in sounds to over 1500. For those seeking more options, three new Explorations sound banks are available for purchase, each containing 150 preset patches that showcase the instrument’s versatility.

Pigments 5 is supported on PCs running Windows 10 or above and Macs running macOS 11 and higher. It is available as VST, AAX, and AU plug-in versions, as well as a standalone application.

Price & Availability
In terms of pricing and availability, Pigments 5 is currently accessible for existing users as a free update, with special pricing offers on the Explorations preset bundle. New users can take advantage of an introductory pricing offer, coupled with discounted rates on preset expansions. Detailed information can be found on the Arturia website.

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