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Building upon the revolutionary Carnaby 500, the Carnaby HE2 is a parametric 3-band EQ designed for Stereo, Dual-Mono, and Mid/Side applications, offering even more unparalleled sonic possibilities for your audio.

The Harmonic EQ technology employed by Carnaby utilizes harmonic saturation for boosting and cutting frequencies, allowing users to refine their sources, stems, and mixes with authentic analog harmonic saturation, providing the feel, familiarity, and control of an equalizer. With the Carnaby HE2, this concept is taken a step further.

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Managing three interactive and switchable Harmonic EQ bands per channel, whether used as a Stereo, Dual Mono, or Mid-Side effect in the mix, the Carnaby HE2 brings enhanced flexibility. Each band features a ±10 dB boost/cut and an individual, overlapping frequency control with sweep function. Similar to the Carnaby 500, each band of the Carnaby HE2 offers a unique harmonic blend tailored to its respective frequency range for maximum musicality.

The HI-Band covers a frequency range from 5kHz to 25kHz, utilizing gentle saturation to naturally extend high frequencies beyond the audio band, providing vocals and acoustic instruments with the ultimate breath. The LO-Band spans from 420 Hz down to 20 Hz, using aggressive saturation to expand subharmonic frequencies into the audible low-frequency range – perfect for subtle low-end warming or extreme subharmonic saturation. The MID-Band, a peaking filter with a fixed Q, offers a wide tunable frequency range from 200Hz to 6.2kHz, using saturation to emphasize harmonics in any frequency range of the source.

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Introducing a completely new digital control system with the Carnaby HE2, Cranborne Audio allows for remote control of all buttons and knobs via USB or an Ethernet network. The control plugin seamlessly integrates into the Carnaby HE2 hardware through USB or NET connections, enabling convenient real-time control and monitoring within the DAW. It also facilitates independent preset saving and loading.

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