Harrison Audio announces 500 Series Modules

Harrison Audio 500s Titel

Harrison Audio, renowned for over fifty years for its distinctive circuit designs and exceptional audio quality, has announced its entry into the 500 series format. This move aims to bring their production tools and legendary console technology to a broader audience of artists, producers, and engineers.

Harrison Audio has a storied history, with its consoles playing a pivotal role in creating some of the most iconic and influential music by artists like Michael Jackson, ABBA, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Donald Fagan, and many more. The new 500 Series modules aim to capture the essence of Harrison’s high-performance studio consoles from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, known for their timeless sound and features trusted by legendary engineers.

Harrison Audio 32Cpre min


The 32Cpre+ takes the high-performance, transformer-coupled microphone preamp from Harrison’s new 32Classic studio console and integrates it with the renowned Harrison LP/HP filters into a single 500 series unit. Inspired by the iconic Harrison 3232, the 32Classic mixing console and preamp deliver the same tone that contributed to the creation of iconic albums like ‘Thriller,’ ‘In Through the Out Door,’ and ‘The Nightfly.’

The 32Cpre+ captures the warm and rich tone that Harrison is renowned for, offering +20 to +70 dB of smooth gain. With features like 180° Phase, 48V, -20 pad, HiZ impedance switches, and a combo XLR input with a ¼” jack connector, it is capable of driving a wide range of microphone types, including ribbon.

Harrison Audio MR3EQ min


Crafted from decades of experience in equalizer and filter design, the MR3eq is an analog EQ originally developed for the Harrison MR3 console. Featuring a powerful three-band parametric equalizer with low and high-frequency Shelf bands, the MR3eq’s flexible design and powerful sculpting capabilities make it a versatile tool effective in both tracking and mixdown scenarios.

Harrison Audio Comp min


The Comp 500 Series module, based on a classic ‘feed-forward’ design, utilizes a THAT 2180 VCA chip for outstanding analog performance. Its attack is program-dependent, continuously adapting to the input signal, while the release time is continuously variable. This versatility allows the Comp module to function as a transparent leveler, a highly saturated vibe compressor, or anything in between, adding character and excitement to a wide range of sources.

Price & Availability

The pricing for these modules is set at $699.00 for 32Cpre+, $399.900 for MR3eq, and $399.900 for Comp and are now available for shipping.

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