IsoAcoustics and HEDD Audio unveil mounting solutions for Atmos Setups

HEDD Audio x IsoAcoustics speaker mounting kit

The increasing demand for extensive immersive monitor setups finds an innovative response in the collaboration between the German monitor manufacturer HEDD and the renowned specialists in audio decoupling, IsoAcoustics. Together, they have developed a special suspension system for the highly regarded speakers of the HEDD TYPE series.

HEDD Audio x IsoAcoustics Kit detail

Immersive audio poses new challenges, particularly regarding the placement or suspension of ceiling speakers. The quality of audio reproduction from these speakers significantly influences the overall impression of the room, as they convey the finest details. To meet this demand, the Berlin-based speaker company HEDD has partnered with the leading innovator in speaker decoupling, IsoAcoustics. The resulting custom solution for ceiling mounting the TYPE series speakers consists of special brackets in conjunction with IsoAcoustics’ V120 isolator – a groundbreaking combination that takes the immersive sound experience to a new level.

Since 2015, Heinz Electrodynamic Design (HEDD) has been providing highly accurate monitor speakers for the sound industry. The expertise of founder Klaus Heinz, a veteran in the industry, goes even further back. Today, HEDD offers a comprehensive portfolio of studio monitors in various size classes, and their technologies such as CoP and the HEDD Lineariser have gained recognition worldwide. The collaboration with IsoAcoustics underscores HEDD’s commitment to high-quality sound and innovative solutions.

IsoAcoustics, known since 2012 for dampening unwanted resonances, has made this technology available for speakers on walls or ceilings with the V120 System. The V120 Mount ensures that no disturbing resonances compromise the sound image in the room. The collaboration with HEDD led to special adapters and suspensions for selected HEDD models, ensuring optimal sound diffusion.

HEDD Audio x IsoAcoustics V120 system

The V120 System from IsoAcoustics is available independently of the speaker manufacturer, but the joint efforts of IsoAcoustics and HEDD have resulted in specific solutions for the TYPE 05 MK2, TYPE 07 MK2, TYPE 20 MK2, and TYPE 30 MK2 models. The innovative U-brackets allow for easy installation and precise alignment of the speakers for an optimal audio experience.

HEDD Audio x IsoAcoustics speaker angle

Visitors to NAMM 2024 in Anaheim, California, have the opportunity to explore HEDD’s new suspension solutions at the RAD Distribution booth 14502 and in the TKAB demo room in Hall A. IsoAcoustics can be found at booth 14822. The NAMM Show takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center from January 25 to 28, 2024.

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