Lynx unveils Hilo 2 AD/DA converter

Lynx Hilo 2 Titel

Lynx Studio Technology has announced the release of the Hilo 2. Positioned as an advancement in audio technology, the Hilo 2 is presented as a product offering exceptional audio quality and flexibility in AD/DA conversion and interface technology.

Lynx Hilo 2

The Hilo 2 features a 2 in, 6 out AD/DA conversion system with independent coupling, ensuring high-quality audio. The digital expansion capability allows for a 16×16 configuration, enhancing the versatility of audio processing. The LSlot design enables users to customize their interface with swappable USB, Thunderbolt, and DANTE cards, ensuring compatibility with evolving technologies. The Hilo 2 introduces upgraded conversion technology for even more transparent performance while the SynchroLock 2 sample clock enhances locking speed and tracking of external clocks, achieving an absolute accuracy of 7 ppm.

Real-time meters and analysis tools contribute to the Hilo 2’s flexible routing and monitor control capabilities, catering to various professional applications. Featuring an in-plane switching LCD with capacitive touch, the Hilo 2 provides increased brightness, uniform off-axis viewing, and improved touch responsiveness, enhancing the user experience. Its design allows continuous improvements through free firmware updates, ensuring users have access to the latest enhancements.

Lynx Hilo 2 Metering

The Hilo 2 offers an upgrade path to higher sample rates above 192kHz and supports DSD on both input and output, catering to the preferences of audiophiles. To meet the preferences of audio enthusiasts, the Hilo 2 introduces selectable linear and minimum phase filters on line I/O, allowing users to tailor their sound with precision.

The converter offers versatility in power options, allowing it to be powered by mains or 9-18v DC battery packs. This feature makes it suitable for on-the-go recording scenarios.

Price & Availability

Lynx Hilo 2 should be available in the second quarter of 2024. The price is not yet known.

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