MOTU 828 (2024) – Introducing the 7th generation of 828 Audio Interfaces

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With the MOTU 828 (2024), MOTU (Mark Of The Unicorn) proudly presents the seventh generation of its legendary audio interface series, which has been setting standards since the turn of the millennium. As the pioneer of the FireWire interface, the MOTU 828 has evolved over the years and is now equipped with USB3 to offer extremely low latency and powerful drivers for impressive audio quality.

The Motu 828 (2024) is therefore the successor model to the legendary studio versions 828x and 828 MK3. A new model to the 828es AVB network interfaces should follow soon.

A Glimpse into History: From FireWire to USB3

The original MOTU 828 made history as the world’s first FireWire interface around the millennium. In subsequent generations, MOTU introduced innovations like the first Thunderbolt interface (828x). Now, the classic returns in its 7th generation, retaining proven strengths, introducing new features, and delivering the best audio quality yet.

Key Features and Innovations

The completely revamped MOTU 828 (2024) opts for USB3, providing 60 audio I/O channels for Mac, PC, or iOS devices. The proven ESS Sabre32™ DAC technology ensures outstanding analog performance. New features include a 24-channel mixer, integrated effects like reverb, 4-band EQ, and compression, inserts for external gear, the optical expander mode, Wordclock, and wireless control via Wi-Fi using smartphones or tablets.

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Versatility for Studio and Stage

The MOTU 828 (2024) is equally suitable for studio and stage applications. With a total of 28 separate inputs and 32 separate outputs, it offers optimal flexibility. The two XLR/TRS “Combo” microphone/line/guitar inputs, dedicated main outputs on XLR, and two independent headphone outputs on the front emphasize its versatility.

Superior Audio Quality thanks to ESS Sabre32™ DAC Technology

The MOTU 828 (2024) shines with superior audio quality. The ESS Sabre32™ DAC technology provides a dynamic range of 125 dB and -113 dB signal-to-noise ratio for the line outputs. Displayed on a sharp 3.9-inch TFT screen with 480 x 128 pixels, it offers high-resolution information on analog and digital inputs and outputs, along with detailed status information.

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State-of-the-Art Components and Advanced Features

With a USB-C 3.1 port, MIDI in/out, re-amping for guitars, loopback for streaming and podcasts, and CueMix 5 software, the MOTU 828 (2024) offers state-of-the-art components and advanced features. Optimized drivers for Mac and PC achieve an ultra-low round-trip latency of just 2 ms at 96 kHz.

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