SPL Channel One Mk3 & Track One Mk3 – channel strips with new features and modern design

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With the Channel One MK3 and the Track One Mk3, SPL is launching new versions of their channel strips, which come with new features and an elegant, modern look. Both are available immediately as a basic version or as a premium version with Lundahl transformers.

Channel One Mk3

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The Channel One has been known for over 20 years for its high-quality and extremely musical performance as a recording and mixing channel strip. In its latest Mk3 version, this classic has undergone a comprehensive overhaul in terms of features and design.

New features include an increased internal audio voltage of +/- 18 V, which contributes to an even more detailed sound. In addition, the preamp section has been further improved and extended with a second microphone input for easy A/B comparison of signals. Furthermore, SPL’s level-independent Transient Designer with attack and sustain is now installed. A tube saturation stage can be looped in after the preamp or after the EQ as required. The EQ can also be switched in front of the Transient Designer. For optimum visualisation, a large VU meter is now integrated, which can display input, output and gain reduction.

Just like its predecessor, a line and instrument input are also built in. The control range of a line signal is -20 to +16 dB, that of the instrument signal is -6 to +30 dB. Mic signals can be amplified up to 68 dB. As before, a de-esser, compressor, gate and EQ are also on board.

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Two microphones and a line signal can be connected to the rear of the channel strip via gold-plated XLR sockets. The instrument input is located on the front.

The Channel One Mk3 offers the option of recording signals in parallel via OUT1 and OUT2 (both deliver the same processed signal) and PREAMP OUT (unprocessed signal tapped directly after the preamp).

Track One Mk3

SPL TrackOneMk3 Perspective white min

The latest Mk3 version of the high-quality recording and mixing channel strip Track One has received a few improvements on the inside, but the basic structure remains the same channel strip. However, its exterior has also been transformed into a stylish, modern look.

As with its predecessor, the preamp section for mic, instrument and line level, de-esser, compressor, EQ and a link function for connecting two Track One units are also built in.

SPL TrackOneMk3 Rear white min

Microphones can be connected via XLR, instruments and line signals via TS jack socket. XLR and a TRS jack socket are available as outputs.

Price & Availability

Both channel strips are now available with following RRP:

SPL Channel One Mk3:
– basic version EUR 2199
– premium version EUR 2487 (with Lundahl transformers)

SPL Track One Mk3:
– basic version EUR 1049
– premium version EUR 1218 (with Lundahl transformers)

To product page of the Cannel One Mk3
To product page of the Track One Mk3

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SPL Track One Mk3 Product Boutique 2
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