SPL published Vitalizer Mk3-T & MixDream XP Mk2

SPL Vitalizer Mk3 T MixDream XP Mk2 Titelbild min

With the Vitalizer Mk3-T and the MixDream XP Mk2, SPL is releasing two next-generation classics in a new design and with improved technology.

SPL Vitalizer mk3 T perspective

Vitalizer Mk3-T

The legendary Vitalizer with its patented circuitry provides more clarity and definition in audio signals through psychoacoustic processing. The Mk3-T version says goodbye to the classic, golden design and slips into the new, black dress of the SPL Studio series. In addition to the visual change and an improved haptic, the 19″ device now comes with +/-18V audio voltage instead of the +/-15V in the Mk2 version.

SPL Vitalizer mk3 T rear

The Vitalizer should continue to deliver the same sound characteristics as its predecessor. As familiar, the sound shaper is equipped with Drive, Bass Sound & Comp, Mid-Hi Tune & Process, Coil Equaliser (LC-EQ) & Intensity and the Stereo Expander. Just like its predecessor, the Mk3-T is also equipped with two Sovtek 12AX7 double diode tubes.

SPL MixDreamXP Mk2 perspective

MixDream XP Mk2

The Mk2 of the MixDream XP also comes with an upgraded look in all black and an improved feel. The arrangement of the parameters on the front panel has also been slightly changed. In addition to the visual innovations, the summing unit has been given a new feature: the last four stereo channels now have a switchable -18dB level adjustment to achieve better matching of the incoming signals.

SPL MixDreamXP Mk2 rear

As usual, 16 channels can still be mixed together individually as mono or stereo signals. Either an additional stereo pair or a second summing mixer can be integrated via the XLR extension input. The Variable Out allows the volume of the recording and monitor levels to be controlled separately.

Price & Availability

Both devices are available immediately and have the following RRP:
Vitaliser Mk3-T: 1099 EUR
MixDream XP Mk2: 1499 EUR

To product page of Vitalizer Mk3-T
To product page of MixDream XP Mk2


SPL MixDream XP Mk-2
SPL Vitalizer Mk3-T

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