Steinberg published Cubase 13

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Steinberg releases Cubase 13, the latest version of the widely used digital audio workstation for music production. Cubase 13 comes with numerous new features, plug-ins and improvements.

The MixConsole of the new version has been redesigned and presents itself in a new look. The Project window of Cubase 13 has been extended by the Channel Tab, which allows quick access to the mixer parameters of the selected track, including routing, inserts and sends, without having to switch between windows.

The MIDI editors, especially the Key and Drum Editors, have been enhanced to optimize the editing of notes and MIDI data. A range tool allows easy editing of multiple notes. In addition, these editors have a new track display that allows you to quickly switch between editing multiple parts.

Cubase 13 also features new plugins including VocalChain, a comprehensive vocal track processing tool, VoxComp, a dedicated vocal compressor, Black Valve with vintage tube compressor characteristics and two EQ plugins, EQ-P1A and EQ-M5, which offer Pultec-like EQ options. The return of the Vocoder with up to 24 filter bands expands the sound processing for instruments and vocals.

Other improvements include a Spectral Warp mode for the sampler track, enhanced video editing and export functions, new chord pads for musical inspiration, a compact Iconica Sketch instrument for orchestral compositions and much more.


Steinberg Cubase 13 is now available as Pro, Artist or Elements version and runs on Windows 11 and macOS Ventura as well as macOS Monterey (Apple Silicon M1/M2 processors are natively supported).

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