TC Electronic introduces the 2290 P Dynamic Digital Delay – compact reissue of the legendary studio effect

TC Electronic TC 2290 P Titel

The TC Electronic 2290 Digital Delay is undoubtedly an icon in the realm of music production. Since the eighties, this rack-mounted effect unit has been a staple in countless studios. Now, the legendary sound of the 2290 is making its way to the market in the form of the TC Electronic 2290 P Dynamic Digital Delay. This pedal not only promises to deliver the unmistakable ’80s sound but also brings a host of impressive new features.

The legendary reputation of the TC Electronic 2290 was built not only on its versatility but, most importantly, on its unique sound. Its capability to incorporate up to six effects through the FX loops on the back made it an indispensable tool in many studios. In the past, attempts were made to replicate this sound with the “TC electronic TC2290-DT,” a complex VST hardware combination.

TC Electronic TC 2290 P Titel

The distinctive aesthetics, featuring a black-and-red LED display and small black controls, have been preserved. However, the manufacturer has added a wealth of new functions and a compact form factor.

Among the features of the TC Electronic 2290 P is the ability to control the dry input signal and the delays separately. This allows musicians to apply panning and modulation effects exclusively to the echo signals without affecting the dry input signal.

The pedal offers 128 presets, 3 footswitches, and an FX loop for integrating additional effects. In addition to the legendary, long-lasting, and crystal-clear delay effects, it also includes chorus, flanger, tremolo, vibrato, phaser, panning, ducking, and compression effects.

The tap tempo function has been enhanced and can be used globally, per preset, or per pedalboard, allowing different tempos without causing sound issues when switching presets. Furthermore, the TC Electronic 2290 P provides advanced MIDI control options, offering four different ways to manage delay time. With a maximum delay time of up to 9.999 seconds, your creativity knows no bounds.

The pedal is equipped with an app that allows users to create presets, perform firmware updates, and create backups. The USB-C connection enables convenient control of the pedal from your computer. In terms of analog connections, the TC Electronic 2290 P features two jack inputs and outputs for a stereo signal path, along with MIDI input and output ports, as well as an expression pedal input on the back.

TC Electronic TC 2290 P Rear min

This pedal empowers musicians and producers to experience the legendary sound of the TC Electronic 2290 in a compact, user-friendly format, without sacrificing modern features and connectivity options. The TC Electronic 2290 P Dynamic Digital Delay promises to usher in a new chapter in the history of delay effects and capture the hearts of aficionados of this iconic sound.


Inputs / RETURN: 2 x 1/4″ TS, unbalanced, Impedance >1 MΩ
Outputs / SEND: 2 x 1/4″ TS, unbalanced, Impedance 10 kΩ
Expression Pedal: 1 x 1/4″ TRS
MIDI in out/thru: 2 x 5-pin DIN
USB port: USB-C connector

Power input: Standard 5.5 /2.1 mm 250 mA 9 VDC, center negative

Dimensions: 233 x 137 x 54 mm (8.8 x 5.4 x 2.15″)
Weight: 0.97 kg / 2.14 lbs.

Price & Availability

The TC Electronic 2290 P is priced at 359 euros and is now available.

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