Wes Audio announces ngTubeEQ

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With the ngTubeEQ, Wes Audio introduces its latest product, staying true to its proven approach of combining analog processing with digital control and recall functions. This version seamlessly integrates a four-band passive EQ design with a corresponding DAW plug-in, continuing the company’s established formula for delivering a harmonious blend of analog warmth and modern convenience.

Tube equalizers have long been celebrated for their characteristic musical sound, leaving an unmistakable signature on numerous classic recordings. The NGTUBEEQ aims to build upon this legacy by seamlessly incorporating a refined analog experience into the modern digital workflow.

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The NGTUBEEQ presents itself as a fully analog tube equalizer with 26dBu of headroom. Featuring four fully passive, inductor-based bands covering a wide frequency range from 22Hz to 28kHz, it provides comprehensive control over the sonic spectrum. Equipped with active low-pass and high-pass variable filters, the NGTUBEEQ offers flexibility that can be bypassed when needed. Digital control is facilitated through DAW/Live plug-ins, simplifying the process of recalling settings and enhancing its adaptability in various studio environments.

Wes Audio ngTubeEQ rear

Built into the device are Carnhill transformers to introduce a warm, sonic saturation often sought after in recordings. The unit also includes a Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) control, allowing users to adjust the sound dynamics according to their preferences.

The NGTUBEEQ offers three operating modes – DUAL, STEREO, and MID-SIDE – addressing various sound staging requirements. With selectable output stages, users can choose between an electronically balanced output for a cleaner sound or a tube amplification stage for a classic vintage aesthetic.

Wes Audio ngTubeEQ Overview

The user-friendly experience is rounded off with a comprehensive GUI system and intuitive UX design. It supports all common plug-in formats and Digital Audio Workstations, ensuring seamless integration into various studio setups. The hardware A/B/C buttons enable quick comparisons between two independent settings, providing flexibility even in analog processing.

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Availability and price are yet to be announced by the manufacturer.

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