PreSonus Eris Pro 4 monitor announced

presonus eris 4 monitor

In September 2023, PreSonus unveiled a revamped lineup for their Eris studio monitors, introducing a series of new and upgraded models, including the Eris Pro—a coaxial design available in 6.5 or 8-inch drivers, complemented by a 10-inch subwoofer. Following this, they have recently announced the launch of another model, the Eris Pro 4, offering a more compact version of the design tailored for applications like immersive mixing rooms.

True to its name, the Eris Pro 4 features a 4.5-inch coaxial driver with a 1-inch silk-dome tweeter. This combination promises a detailed transient response and a natural sound to combat listening fatigue. The single point-source design contributes to accurate phase alignment between the drivers, resulting in a broad ‘sweet spot’ and a consistent symmetrical dispersion pattern. These features are particularly essential when configuring precise multi-speaker immersive setups.

presonus eris pro 4

The monitor provides balanced analogue inputs through XLR and quarter-inch TRS sockets, along with an RCA connector for unbalanced signals. On the rear panel, an Acoustic Tuning section houses mid- and high-frequency EQ controls (±6dB centered at 1 and 10 kHz, respectively), a switchable 80/100Hz high-pass filter, and -2/-4dB Acoustic Space settings to address low-frequency build-up when placed near walls or in corners. Power is supplied by an internal Class AB amplifier delivering 80W, allowing the monitor to achieve a peak SPL of 99dB at one meter. While the frequency response is specified as 55Hz – 20kHz, specific down points are not provided.

The Eris Pro 4 is also equipped to accommodate wall or ceiling mounts, simplifying installation for height channel duties in immersive rigs. This compact model adds versatility to PreSonus’s Eris Pro lineup, catering to the diverse needs of audio professionals, particularly in immersive mixing environments.

PreSonus Eris Pro 4 is expected to be available for 299 EUR and will be available soon.

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